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I was given a chance to preview Yesterday! No, that doesn’t mean I was looking over the events of yesterday and seeing how they went. The video game, Yesterday! I have to say it was a very different experience from the beginning, but very familiar as well. This is a classic puzzle/escape kind of game. You gather whatever you can, and use clues to continue on through an area. Such as there can be some rope/wires, or even other items that you can take and they can be used to pass through an area, tie something together as a tool, or even getting a broken electronic to work.

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Yesterday is a new adventure game by Pendulo Studios. The main character is Henry White and he seems to be a rather nerdy little character. But he has a goal, and that is to help the down trodden! He tries to get people off the streets and give them a new lease in life, but when he chooses to go help some guys in a tunnel he runs into a little bit of trouble. Maybe a lot of trouble, to find that out you will need to play the game yourself whenever it comes out. I am not going to give much into the story, but I will say it kept me interested in figuring out more details about the characters, and what exactly was going on. What kept me interested was how the puzzles would relate to some things in the character’s past, and they would explain briefly something about the object. Whether it was a toy Henry White played with as a kid, or maybe even just a fond memory that it triggered. Maybe a not so fond memory for others…

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As mentioned before this game has a rather classic feel to it. Especially as a classic puzzle game, gathering items, and using them to finish a project even if that means escaping an area. The controls for the game are very simple, and rather self-explanatory. It takes no time to pick up the controls and get moving into the story. Although sometimes the controls got a little annoying when I was trying to tape two objects together. Sir Henry White would decide to walk somewhere I had accidentally “clicked” as opposed to actually putting the objects together and making a new tool. This happened on more than one occasion, but once I got used to how to get it to work right without accidentally making him go somewhere, it was simple. After ‘mastering’ the controls I actually had no problem moving through an area, putting together tools, or even cutting other tools up and solving the puzzles. The controls actually seem rather perfect for what they are intending, and when moving your character around he goes where you intend him to go, and now in some weird direction leaving you wondering where he thought you were position him.

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There is one last point I want to get on, and it is possibly the most important point when it came to the preview and that was the… puzzles! Of course, the puzzles! As Henry White you have to find your way through this underground Subway system. Parts of the Subway system are broken down and you have to find a way around them, or even a way through them in some cases. Some of the puzzles left me going, “What am I supposed to do next?” Luckily, there is a little hint button that will let you know a little idea of what you are supposed to do! The more you click it, the more detailed the hint gets. Assuming that is what you want to get a hint and not figure it out on your own. Although, I could sit there for several minutes going, “Uuuhhh…” Luckily, there is the hint button and it definitely saved me from sitting there for hours, or even quitting the game and walking back later. Although, some puzzles games require a break for you to know how to do a particular puzzle… I find myself rather impatient and used the hint occasionally. When it comes to the hint process you can use one hint, but before you can get another hint you have to attempt to solve it on your own. What does that mean? Well, it is rather simple really. You have to find out how to solve the puzzle on your own. See if you are supposed to put two tools together, go through a door and tear something down, or if you are just supposed to talk to someone. Once you have made enough attempts the hint button will be in use again, and enlighten you on what you are really supposed to do. So, it at least forces you to have a chance on what you are supposed to do without making the game “easy mode.”

On that note, did I enjoy what taste of Yesterday I got? Definitely! I cannot wait to get to play it more when it releases and actually enjoy it more thoroughly. Plus, the story left me begging for more, to say the least. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen, and just find out what other puzzles they could have when moving through the story. But, now that you have enjoyed this lovely preview, what do you think of Yesterday? Does it remind you of a classic game like it did myself? Does Yesterday sound like the kind of game that you would enjoy trying in the future? Let me know your opinions from what you’ve seen in this preview, or maybe even other research that you’ve done online! We would love to hear your opinions. Keep an eye out, because Yesterday is going to release sometime in March 2012!

 Yesterday Preview

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