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indieunderdogpack Indie Underdog Pack

Another Indie bundle has come into the horizon, though this one aims to be slightly different than others. While most indie bundles are dedicated to donating to charity while buying games at a great price, the purpose of the Indie Underdog Pack (or Indie UP!) is to help the developers get money to go towards their next game projects.

The bundle is going to be hosted at 8-Bit Funding, which is a site similar to Kickstarter. So similar to most funding projects, you’ll get “rewards” for donating towards these developer’s next projects. These rewards just happen to be games already developed. The games that you’ll get for donating are:

It doesn’t end just there however. For donating $25, you’ll get the newly developed games as well! There are going to be 7 games, however one is a mystery that you’ll have to wait to find out about.

Skull Reaction by Virtanen

Caveman Craig 2 by Parabox Games

Koya Rift+ by SunnyKatt

The 9th Wizard: Rings of Eternity by Epic Vessel Games

Cinders by MoaCube

If you end up donating 25 dollars towards their projects, you’ll be getting 13 games! You’ll also be able to get even more rewards depending on the amount you donate such as posters, alpha and beta access, and even be able to have a say and opinion on what goes into the new games. However if all you can donate is the minimum, you’ll be able to get the original six games for only five dollars.

The Indie UP! Mission:

We want to create a resource where indie developers can distribute their games as a bundle and receive funding for the development of their next project. We believe that indie developers have a big impact on the gaming industry, despite being the underdogs. We hope that you choose to “Indie-UP and support our campaign!”

 Indie Underdog Pack


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