Ken Levine candidate for TIME’s 100 Most Influential People

This morning launched their “2012 TIME 100 Poll” and are asking fans to cast their votes for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that they think are the most influential people in the world. Ken Levine (@IGLevine), president, co-founder and creative director of Irrational Games (@IrrationalGames) is counted among the many candidates eligible […]

Age of Empires Online Now on Steam

Free-to-play, massively multiplayer RTS Age of Empires Online has arrived on SteamAoE online will let you relive the glory days of Age of Empires 2 while adding some new content. AoE lets you fight RTS battles with the Celt, Egyptian, Persian and Greek forces. Victories will let you expand your capital city, unlocking bonuses for your […]

GamersHaven @ PAX East

So we will be heading to PAX East next week and we have a ton of things to check out. We will be interviewing a number of devs and getting some hands on time with a number of demos. But we want your help! We want to know what you want us to check out […]

Game of Thrones: the Epic Plot Trailer

Game of Thrones, the role-playing game, reveals its Epic Plot trailer, focusing on story and protagonists! The upcoming role playing game for PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC, based on the famous universe from George R.R. Martin’s saga and the HBO television series, should please all RPG fans seeking perilous quests, compelling stories and epic […]

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] | New Screenshots

In celebration of the ten year anniversary since the first release of KINGDOM HEARTS in Japan, SQUARE ENIX is pleased to announce that new screenshots for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] These screenshots are taken from the game’s CG opening movie that shows off the stunning 3D visuals on the Nintendo 3DS™ system, created by […]

Fez gets a release date!

Don’t mind the painful banner there, it’s just the best way to show the excitement over the fact that Fez is finally getting a release date! After being in development for four years, and having to go through many delays, the 2D sides-croller with a 3D twist is going to be released next month. It […]

Skyrim Hoarders

The A&E reality series visits Tamriel and discovers the only thing more dangerous than dragons, is yourself. CollegeHumor has created a new parody of the heartbreakingly addictive A&E show Hoarders and mixed it with our fond love for Skyrim… Source: CollegeHumor

Phantasy Star Online 2 getting character creation demo

Sega is pretty sure you’ll like Phantasy Star Online 2‘s in-depth character creation. They are so confident that they are willing to release a demo of the game that allows players to test out the customization for themselves, Siliconera reports. It hits on April 5 in Japan. Hopefully any creations can then go on to be used in upcoming beta […]

Paradox Interactive is Showing the First live demo of four new titles today!

It’s not the size of your studio that counts but how you use it! Paradox Interactive today announced that it will be showcasing its four recently announced titles including Dungeonland, A Game of Dwarves, Starvoid and The Showdown Effect, LIVE on TwitchTV starting today at 11am PDT / 8pm CEST. Gamers curious to see what these dev studios are up to, […]

Max Payne 3: Multiplayer Video Shows Modes, Bullet Time

Max Payne 3 will take Bullet Time into multiplayer, with players slowing down opponents in their line of sight, Rockstar has revealed. The mechanic has long been a design headache in multiplayer games but will be a signature of Max Payne 3′s online modes. Gang Wars is described as Max Payne 3′s ‘flagship MP mode, […]

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to be Under $10, Enhanced BG II Confirmed

This happy news comes via Kotaku, who also report that the Enhanced Edition will support co-op multiplayer, a feature of the original that has been long-forgotten in many modern computer RPGs. Despite the game’s size, Beamdog COO Cameron Tofer says that charging more than $10 “doesn’t make sense.” If that’s not enough to make the computer […]

Blades of Time Demo Now Available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

The demo gives players the chance to experience firsthand the fast-paced action of Blades of Time for themselves. Gamers will get to feel the thrill of rewinding time and creating multiple clones of Ayumi to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. They will also be able to wield the power of her magic abilities, decimating enemies […]

‘Buy Two, Get One Free’ on Amazon Right Now

Amazon always has amazing sales on video games and they always seem to be when I have no money. But hopefully that is not the case for you guys and you can take advantage of this B2G1 sale happening right now for a limited time. This sale covers a ton of games from recently released […]

The ATLUS “Re-Vita-lized” PlayStation Network Price Drop Event

THE ATLUS “RE-VITA-LIZED” PLAYSTATION NETWORK PRICE DROP EVENT: PSP SYSTEM CLASSICS NOW AVAILABLE AT DRAMATICALLY LOWER PRICES Been holding out?  Recently picked up a brand new PlayStation Vita? This is the event you’ve been waiting for! ATLUS today announced that its library of downloadable titles for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system is now available at significantly reduced […]

Treats for Geeks: Big Daddy Cupcakes

With Bioshock Infinite coming up, it seems only fitting that you prepare some snacks for many hours sitting in front of the tv and not wanting to get up. Even more fitting, is if these snacks happened to be related to Bioshock. Right? Well the solution to that is simple: Big Daddy Cupcakes! They’re incredibly […]

Tribes: Ascend Preview – Cloak & Dagger Update

Tribes: Ascend is a fast-paced multi-player first person shooter with jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, classes, and customizable weapon unlocks and upgrades. This video showcases the Cloak & Dagger update. New content for the Infiltrator Class includes: Assassin skin, Mercenary skin, Smoke Grenade, Jackal, and Throwing Knives. Play Now – For Free –

Forces of Nature – Final Gears 3 Map Pack is Live

Microsoft has launched the last Gears 3 Map Pack, Forces of Nature for 800 MS points or for free if you own a season pass. The pack features three new maps, as well as two retro maps from Gears 2. Along with these new maps the DLC offers four new multiplayer characters and some new […]

Shoot Many Robots Hits Steam Next Week

The PC version of Demiurge Studios’ Contra-inspired shooter Shoot Many Robots hits Steam April 6 and contains a number of upgrades. Some of these upgrades include an option for high-resolution graphics, 60 frames-per-second gameplay, optimized controls, Steam achievements, voice chat, and a few other things. “We’re dedicated PC gamers here at Demiurge Studios, and we wanted […]

Asura’s Wrath DLC Arrives This Week

The first Asura’s Wrath DLC arrives today in North America for PlayStation Network, with Xbox LIVE to follow tomorrow March 28. Additionally, further DLC updates are scheduled in the coming weeks. Available beginning today, Episode 11.5 is the first downloadable episode and provides players with an insight into what happens between two episodes from the full game. […]

Capcom Digital Collection Releases Today

Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, announced Capcom® Digital Collection is hitting store shelves starting today in North America. Available exclusively for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, this value priced collection is packed with eight hit games previously available via Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360. All classic titles […]