Skyrim Hoarders

The A&E reality series visits Tamriel and discovers the only thing more dangerous than dragons, is yourself.

CollegeHumor has created a new parody of the heartbreakingly addictive A&E show Hoarders and mixed it with our fond love for Skyrim…

Source: CollegeHumor

Luigi Guarnuccio

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I am a Multimedia Gamer. I have been gaming all my life and it is my main source of inspiration for my work as a designer/developer.

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PoopLoser69 says:


kees says:


Rubtugger says:

Awesome! Now I know how my Lydia felt… Had to strangle her too…

deadjs says:

uhmm yeahh…. just so i can sprint i use the TGM cheat or i increase carry cap on skyrim:/ 500+ / 305 carry cap:/

leo says:

“I used to be an adventeurer like you …”

So good. :-D

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