Sonic 4 Episode 2: Screenshots

Sonic 4 Episode 2 has received a new batch of screens fresh out of Sega’s image pipe. The new shots show Sonic and his long-suffering buddy Tails sprinting through a snow-themed amusement park, and battling a giant mecha piloted by Eggman.

There is also a shot of the new double spin attack that Sonic and Tails can use, turning them both into a giant ball of speedy power.

The Sonic 4 Episode 2 release date is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll have more on the game once it happens.

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NerdAgent says:

Dear Sega,

Please don’t screw over Sonic and his comeback. My childhood memories are filled w/ Sonic games and the joy they brought me. However for the past ten years or so the franchise has became a joke. I would like for children across the world to view Sonic as how I once did and not have his image tarnished by your mistakes.

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