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Journey is a game that you will never forget, and will surely make you want to get all the trophies possible just to have an excuse to play it more. Well here is a guide on to help you do just that! I highly suggest playing the game at least once however before looking at this. It’s a wonderful experience to just play the game and enjoy it, without having to fret over whether or not you’re getting trophies. There are 14 trophies total, some easy and some requiring a little patience, but all worth the experience.

Adventure Trophy Guide: JourneyAdventure: Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city.

Which level this is on will become apparent the moment you get there. Just guide your character through 15 gates and you’ll be fine. You can hold down the left analog stick to slow yourself down a little, and both gate areas count towards this so you don’t have to get them all in the first one. Practice and a little memorization on gate locations and you’ll get this easily.


Ancestors Trophy Guide: JourneyAncestors: Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.

There’s an area with a huge tower in the middle, and the goal of this area is to fill it up with water to make it to the top. Once you reach the end however, before going on to the next level, swim all the way back down and the mysterious creature is found in the middle of the tower, in one of the openings near the bottom. Use your call next to the creature to unlock the trophy.


Crossing Trophy Guide: JourneyCrossing: Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.

If you’re getting companions during your travels, this one should come naturally. All you need is a companion to stay with you during the final stages. If you don’t get this right away, just keep trying and hope your companion won’t leave you at the end.


Explore Trophy Guide: JourneyExplore: Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.

This is in the dunes area, where you find cloth creatures stuck and you set them free. Once you set one set free, they’ll lead you to the other sets so all you have to do is follow them. There are five sets of these, so don’t head down into the big structure until you’ve found them all. Once you release the final set of cloth creatures at the end, the trophy will pop up.


History Trophy Guide: JourneyHistory: Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.

Those boards with the grave markers in front of them, where you use your call to activate, are the ancient glyphs. It’s fun to find all of them on your own if you like to explore the areas. A complete guide on all the locations can be found here.



Mirage Trophy Guide: JourneyMirage: Find the hidden desert flower.

You’ll have to explore a bit to find this one. It’s in the dunes area, the same one with the cloth creatures, in a small depression between some dunes.  Shout near the flower to activate the trophy. Remember, finding it on your own is the fun part!



Rebirth Trophy Guide: JourneyRebirth: Finish the game and return to the beginning.

Pretty self explanatory. As long as you finish the game you’ll get this one.




Reflection Trophy Guide: JourneyReflection: Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds.

This might be a little tricky, but as long as both of you get what’s going on it should happen easily. I recommend just sitting next to your companion, and see if they follow suit. If they don’t, then move on and wait for another companion to try it with. If you already have the trophy but see someone sitting, sit with them for a little bit to help them out.


Return Trophy Guide: JourneyReturn: Start the journey again after a week long break.

As hard as it may be to not play the game for a whole week, that’s what you’ll have to do to achieve this one. Once you start the game up after a week of not playing the trophy will pop up.



Threshold Trophy Guide: JourneyThreshold: Cross the broken bridge without completely repairing it.

I recommend doing this one with online turned off, as a random companion joining could easily ruin it for you unknowingly. Make sure your scarf is nice and long, then activate all the pieces of the bridge except the first one. Use the tiny cloth pieces near the base of the first part of the bridge to propel yourself up and then just glide peacefully to the end.


Trials Trophy Guide: JourneyTrials: Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.

Basically you just have to ignore the big war snakes so as to not get attacked. Make sure to avoid their search lights and you will be fine. If you get knocked in the air by one of them coming alive don’t worry, you’ll still get the trophy because your scarf wasn’t torn. When they tear it you’ll know, as your scarf will be visibly, and sadly, shorter.


Companion Trophy Guide: JourneyCompanion: Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning.

This might be one of the most frustrating trophies because it seems people don’t like to stick through a whole journey with you. Your best bet might be to communicate with a friend and start the game at the same time, hoping you wind up in the same journey together. If you plan on playing the game all the way through, try not to leave in the middle for others who are trying for this trophy.

Wonder Trophy Guide: JourneyWonder: Meet 10 or more unique travelers.

You should get this easily as long as you play the game several times. Traveling companions seem to come and go quite often, as one playthrough I had met 6 different travelers.



Transcendence Trophy Guide: JourneyTranscendence: Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys.

This will definitely take some explorations and time on your part. At the end of each area, where you use your call to activate the stone and open up the path to the next area, there are smaller stones at the bottom of the larger one. These glow for each symbol you have found. So if you are near the end and you have 3 out of 4 glowing, then there’s a symbol you missed. A complete guide can be found here.


As of right now there are no picture or video guides to go a long with these, but as soon as some pop up I’ll add them. Until then, have fun figuring these out for yourself. It’s a nice challenge and gives you an excuse to keep playing the amazing and beautiful game that is Journey. If you’d like to know what Journey is like before purchasing, there is a review up that gave the game a full 10 score.

 Trophy Guide: Journey


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