Yesterday Unveils New Screenshots and A Release Date

Yesterday today unveiled, along with a series of exclusive screenshots, its official release date!
In just a week from now, on March 22nd, will release the new adventure game from Pendulo, creators of the million-selling series Runaway! After leaving its mark in adventure gaming with its million-selling trilogy, Runaway and, more recently, The Next BIG Thing, Pendulo has given up comedy for once and is offering an original and dark thriller.

The 6 screenshots released today immerse the player a bit more at the heart of the mystery surrounding John Yesterday and the strange mark that scars his hand. Still working for Henry White on the track of a dangerous and murderous sect, John Yesterday has already attracted the unwanted attention of disreputable individuals…

Discover more of Yesterday through these beautiful images, before you enter its incredible story full of twist when the full game releases next week!

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