A Notch in Time: ’0x10C’ Teaser Trailer

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ox10c 613x408 A Notch in Time: 0x10C Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer for Markus “Notch” Persson’s ambitious space game, 0x10c, has been created by its growing community and released on to the internet.

After creating a game the likes of Minecraft, Notch doesn’t need to create too much hype for his next game, not with the following he has gained. The community is already growing for 0x20c and is starting to hype it up themselves. The fellows behind the Greek fan site 0x10x.gr have decided to put together a rather well realized teaser trailer for the game.

It might be a bit much but that is how fans can be. If you need to catch up a little on some of the details of 0x10c then you can go HERE and read up a little on it, but you can also go HERE and check out this little sneak peak.

If you want even more information on 0x10c then please go check out the game’s official website.

 A Notch in Time: 0x10C Teaser Trailer

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