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I was fortunate enough to check out this gem of a game at PAX East and at first glance it seemed like a Shoot-em-up had a baby with Terraria but after diving into the game it turned out to be so much more than that. The game takes you on an epic quest that plays out differently every time you start a new game. Play the game your own way: players can stick mostly to the main missions, or spend the majority of their time in the boundless wilds to uncover secret missions and loot.  Customize your characters with enchants that change how you move, jump, fight, light your way, or even how you find treasure.

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The game world is randomly generated and players will create multiple characters through out your quest. I say multiple characters because there is a some what of a perma death mechanic built in. When one of your characters die you will have  to create a new one with all the skills and items from your previous character.  This puts your character back to your home city which you will help build by collecting resources through out the world. The world that is built for you holds wonders and treasures that are just waiting to be found, alone or with friends. This is where multiplayer can come in handy, with up to 8 players able to link up and explore the world together or to go their separate ways. Each player can play their own way and help uncover the secrets of the world or help complete the main quest.

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The customization and the randomly generated worlds are only two things that make this game truly interesting. There is one more thing that makes this game truly unique and that is its AI system. The game is created by Arcen Games who created AI Wars which is a game all about strategy, and they managed to bring this element of strategy into A Valley Without Wind. Enemies will learn and evolve to your strategy. Enemies that you fight often will grow harder to kill through various means whether it be size or power.

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AVWW is set to release on April 23rd for Steam as well as several other platforms for $15 but if you pre-order it’s just $10. Arcen Games has promised to support their title and if the past is any indication, when AVWW launches we’re going to see constant updates.


  • Play solo, or online/LAN multiplayer with 2-8+ player co-op, on PC or Mac OSX.
  • Explore lush countryside, ruined towns, deep caves, strange buildings and more throughout Environ’s beautiful-but-vicious continents.
  • Procedural generation ensures no two worlds will ever be the same, and that there is always more awaiting you even after dozens of hours of play.
  • As your world expands, each continent offers new powers to wield, treasures to discover, survivors to aid, and evils to confront.
  • Learn a multitude of spells for your character, build up your settlement so that NPCs can aid you from afar, and equip enchant buffs to help you on your way.
  • Face strange monsters, confront evil overlords and their lieutenants, and take on a variety of missions that call upon anything from platforming or SHMUP skills, to puzzles, to the ability to tactically improvise and carry out a plan.
  • Many character paths to travel, areas to loot, and long-form strategically-oriented choices to make — all without the typical grind.
  • Difficulty levels give exactly the challenge you want, from casual to hardcore.
  • New updates arriving all the time packed with additional content, improvements, and more.
 A Valley Without Wind @ PAX East

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