When I first saw Starbound, I didn’t know a thing about it. I just saw one single image, and I was instantly intrigued.

While this image really doesn’t show much about the game since it’s not in-game graphics, I just couldn’t help myself. So I delved in, and what I found is what seems to be the next Terraria. Created by Chucklefish, Starbound is going to be a sandbox universe that will contain quests and story-driven missions, which is where the huge difference from Terraria lies. The similarities to Terraria are the terrain style, and the ability mine and explore underneath the ground as well as creating your own city with building materials you gather.

The story of Starbound is obviously a futuristic setting, and you start off with your character escaping as their home planet is destroyed, how devastating! While traveling through space you run into a space station, and this is where you’ll do everything from as it becomes your central hub. “You’ll need to find a crew, conduct research, catch rare creatures, and unlock its multitude of facilities. From a factory capable of producing mechs to labs where captured enemies can be studied and trained, the space station contains everything you need to explore the universe.”

While the space station is your hub, the main focus of the game is exploring in order to enhance your hub. There are many different planets to explore and they’re all randomly generated so it’s never the same thing on different planets. The terrain, the weather, the gravity, the difficulty level, the plant life, the behaviour and appearance of alien creatures are all different based on which planet you’re visiting. Even the size of the planets will be randomly generated as it can be so small that you can run across the whole planet easily, or it will be indefinite with no end in sight!

Of course there’s multiplayer as well. The whole universe will be available in both single player and multiplayer, including quests and storyline so you can essentially play the entire game with friends. There will be PvP as well, and the developers are looking into “Arena asteroids”  to create an organized pvp mode that will keep score.

Chucklefish is hoping to release Starbound this summer of 2012 and will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. They’re highly hopeful for a Steam release, and there may even be possibilities of console releases in the future. They’re constantly adding updates to their website, so check it out to see all the great features that will be in the game.


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Brodoin says:

It’s a bummer that there won’t be anymore updates to Terreria, which may eventually kill it since new content is what keeps a story-less sandbox game like that going, this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

Brainjuicer says:

Wow this is sounding really good. A lot more to it than I originally thought.

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