New on Steam: Lone Survivor

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steamlargecapsule New on Steam: Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is a survival horror game, however it also has some role-playing and point-and-click elements to it as well. You play as a masked man who must escape a city that has been ravaged by disease. You’re starving and exhausted however, and you start to wonder if what you’re seeing is even real.

The game is also determined by your choices. You can play the game with a sneaky manner and try to hide in the shadows, or you can rambo yourself a path. You can eat and sleep to keep your health up, or you can take the less healthy path and resort to drugs to keep your body and mind moving when it otherwise wouldn’t. Health or madness, the decision is yours. All that matters is you survive.

Lone Survivor is available on Steam for $9.99, though currently it is on sale for $7.99.

Key Features

  • Over four years in the making
  • Two entirely different paths through the game, with many variations
  • A genuinely brave and adult story with warmth, humor and even hope to be found within the darkness
  • An invisible psychologist watches your every move
  • A unique visual style mixing retro and modern techniques
  • 4-6 hours play per path
  • Over 120 beautiful hand painted locations
  • Hundreds of items to experiment with or craft, and many optional and hidden side-quests
  • Approximately 30 original pieces of music from UK charting producer Jasper Byrne


 New on Steam: Lone Survivor


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