Numerology is for Half-Life 3 Being Announced

There is not a day that has gone by ever since Half-Life Episode 2 got released, that there is not wishful thinking, or outright trolling about Half-Life 3′s arrival. Now, this “tip” was sent in by “Igor,” who is now adding numerology to the mix. It seems like it could be plausible. Not that it is completely right, but it is plausible… or maybe that is just my hopes speaking. But here is what his view is, verbatim.

Gabe Newell’s Rank on Forbes’ Richest Men List: 864

Years between HL and HL2: 7 Years
Years between HL2 and L4D2: 5 Years
Years between L4D2 and Portal 2: 3 Years
Total: 753

3 = HL3 or Episode 3 (or E3)

I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty legit to me!! I definitely demand for this to be true. What about yourselves?

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Brodoin says:

I don’t care if they announce it by numbers, a TV ad that is on every channel, or bar carving the Half Life symbol into the moon, I just want them to make Half Life 3!

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