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Raven’s Cry tells a dark tale of a pirate that is out for revenge. The main character whose village was attacked when he was a young boy is out to kill the man responsible. The attack on his village left his whole family murdered while he was left out to bleed to death. Now donning a hook on his left hand which reminds him of what he has to do… hell bent on avenging your families death.

This hook is utilized in combat and the base of the hook will actually allow you to swap in different hooks for different pieces of technology which will grant you certain abilities. For example it could be replaced with a small blade that could help deflect attacks and also cause more damage while fighting.

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Topware is also approaching gun combat a little differently. With guns being pretty weak and scarce back then, they have decided to treat these guns more like a consumable. You can expel a shot of a pistol, toss it away, and then just pick up a dropped pistol (rinse and repeat).

That is not to say you have an invisible backpack with “10x pistols” instead every weapon you have will be displayed on your character. In our play through you could see three pistols strapped to his back, a sword in his holster, a rifle, and a charm (these give your character borderline supernatural bonuses which acts like magic but is related to vudu). This was a design choice to minimize HUD and offer a cleaner screen for players.

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One of my favorite features of the title though was the removal of the “good/bad” decision making process. You still get to make decisions that influence your game but with the fork-in-the-road dynamic removed you are able to make decisions without worrying about making sure you do all good actions or all evil actions. The best part being that a lot of the decisions you make are what the developer said were “evil or eviler”, while having a conversation we watched as you had the choice of choosing between stabbing the person in the hand or shooting them, we chose the lesser of two evils and intimidated him by pinning his hand into the table. We were then prompted at the end to leave or set him on fire with a lantern…we took the low road and ended his miserable life. It is a pretty good concept that seems like a no-brainer. I know I constantly fought myself to make good decisions in Mass Effect to keep my paragon status and I can see if that aspect was removed that I would make more honest choices.

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The game still has a long way to go but the team has a background with some ship simulators, although we didn’t get to see sailing in action we look forward to hearing more. We were told that sailing between islands, boarding ships, and naval combat are to be expected and that is very appealing to me.

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Definitely keep your eyes out for more information on this title in the future. They are working hard on a development schedule that might end up releasing the game this year but it may also come out early 2013. They are shooting for a Fall or possible late January and could be a great pick-up for a typically dead season.


 Ravens Cry Preview

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