Harley Quinn’s Revenge to Commence on May 29

You may have noticed that April 30 came and went without so much as a peep from the young Miss Harleen Quinzel, and that her purported plans for vengeance have yet to procure reparations. That’s because the original date we had listed for the Batman: Arkham City add-on, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, was incorrect. The tweet […]

Dead Island Game of the Year Edition may be headed for UK

You see Mike up there? He’s crying. Not because he has to burn the bodies of his friends and loved ones, but because there’s no way in hell Dead Island was called “Game of the Year” by any reputable gaming publication. Nonetheless, a Dead Island: Game of the Year edition seems to be on the […]

TERA Hits the #1 Spot for Amazon Downloads

Just like with any game, there is always the question of whether or not it is going to do better than expected, worse than expected… or just completely tank or swim. MMO’s don’t necessarily live or die off of their launches, but it does take a lot of effort to recover well from a poor […]

Journey Devs Negotiating with Publishers for Next Title

Thegamecompany founder Jenova Chen has told VH247 that the developer is talking with “various partners” to publish its first title after the three-game deal with Sony. The deal covered 2007′s Flow, 2009′s Flower, and 2012′s Journey, with all titles being exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation Network. “It takes us a little bit of time to basically […]

Microsoft begins manufacturing the next Xbox?

According to an IGN source, Microsoft has already begun assembly of their next-generation Xbox at the Austin, Texas-based branch of Flextronics. Flextronics currently manufactures the Xbox 360, and they previously did the same for the original Xbox. There have been previous rumors that have pegged the next Xbox’s code-name as Durango. Flextronics has also reportedly […]

Harmonix Working on a Next Gen Music Game?

It is possible that Harmonix may be working on a motion-control music game, but that is not even the cool part! If the rumors are to be believe, the game could also have combat, explorable words and a narrative element. I would not get too excited about all of this, though. Currently this information is […]

Sanctum Partners with the Yogscast Crew for New Map as FREE DLC

Coffee Stain Studios is once again teaming up with the masters of humor over at The Yogscast to bring a brand new map in the form of free DLC to its much talked about first-person shooter/tower defense hybrid, Sanctum, available now on Steam. (http://store.steampowered.com/app/91609). The Yogscast crew has been fans and big supporters of Sanctum […]

Former Free Radical Leaders Describe LucasArts Management as ‘Psychopaths’

It is always interesting when a developer becomes so upset with a former publishing partner that they are willing to actually let it all out and say what is exactly on their minds. Several ex-Free Radical developers feels so strongly about their former publisher that they referred to them collectively as “psychopaths” in a recent […]

Riot Games Bans Hundreds of League of Legends Players for using ‘Bullsh*t’ Exploit

Riot Games has banned hundreds of League of Legends players for using an exploit which has so lovingly been called, “bulltshit.” A small number of League of Legends players were using an exploit that let them cast powerful spells consecutively without the cool down time associated with the powers. This happened because the exploit let […]

Max Payne 3 Original Comic #1 “After the Fall”

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the first chapter of the Max Payne 3 comic series entitled “After the Fall”. Beginning with a confrontation at a dive bar in Hoboken from Max Payne 3, “After the Fall” then flashes back to tell the story of Max’s troubled upbringing - shedding new light on Max’s life through key events from Max […]

MacGuffin’s Curse: A Preview

If you ever played Jolly Rover then you know the kind of humor Brawsome likes to put in their games. If not, well then you’re bound to find out and while I’m at it I might as well highly suggest you go play Jolly Rover. It’s one of my favorite point-and-click adventure games featuring a […]

Elder Scrolls Online – Details PvP, Quests, Combat, Factions, and Leaked Screens

The Elder Scrolls Online was announced this week and will launch in 2013 for PC and Mac – Information is very limited but here is some details that have been found which details PvP, combat, guilds, skills, quests the story and more. - Leaked screens reveal atronachs, giant mushrooms and an Ordinator. – The three factions, thought to […]

Arkham Asylum, Arkham City Get Steam Discount

Rocksteady’s Batman outings will be half off and more on Steam this weekend, the service has announced, with the asking price for the Game of the Year edition of Arkham Asylum 66% lower than usual, and that of Arkham City down by 50%. The cut applies to all of Arkham City‘s DLC as well.

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition unveiled with screenshots!

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition unveiled with screenshots! Blood Bowl, the PC video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s mythical board game, today unveiled three new screenshots of its ultimate edition to be released in September: the Chaos Edition! As an ultra-violent team sport inspired by the universe of Warhammer, Blood Bowl lets players recruit a team […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Trailer

Following yesterday’s long-awaited reveal of The Elder Scrolls Online, we have just released the game’s announcement trailer. In development at ZeniMax Online Studios, this epic MMO is the first Elder Scrolls game to allow players to explore the series’ universe with others. Check out the trailer on the game’s official site: www.ElderScrollsOnline.com.

Minecraft for Xbox 360 Launch Trailer

Minecraft will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, and this latest trailer shows off its four-player splitscreen and eight-player online multiplayer options. Minecraft 360 is going to set you back 1200 Microsoft Points, and as far as I know, it’s based on Minecraft beta version 1.66.

PAX Prime passes entirely sold out

Just over a week after sales first opened, all passes to PAX Prime have been sold. The show is sold out to capacity, meaning no extra tickets will come on sale at a later date. Penny Arcade has issued a warning to those picking up a badge through scalpers, following issues with counterfeit tickets in the past. PAX […]