‘Because We May’ Is Here!

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becausewemay Because We May Is Here!

The huge indie game sale with tons of games if finally here! “Because We May”is a movement of indie developers that have decided to put their games on sale just to show how much they appreciate the online stores that  allow them to control the pricing of their games.

From  May 24th to June 1st indie games will be on sale on Steam, The App Store, Google Play, and more including the direct sites to buy the games from. There are complete lists on the Because We May site organized by store so you can see all the games that will be on sale.

There are some big names going on sale such as Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, World of Goo, Psychonauts, Braid, Cave Story, and so much more. This really is a ridiculously good sale and you shouldn’t miss out on it if you don’t already own these awesome games.

 Because We May Is Here!


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