Fowl Space: A Preview Full of Adult Content

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fowlspace Fowl Space: A Preview Full of Adult Content

I knew upon buying Fowl Space that it was going to be full of cheesy jokes, they said so on their site after all. However what I wasn’t expecting was a game so full of innuendos that my video of it pretty much has to be considered adult content. Though I’m not quite sure why I didn’t expect that. The game is based off a co…I mean male chicken after all.

The story of Fowl Space is this: You’re a chicken that has something against vikings, who happen to want to eat you. These vikings oddly enough, live on the sun. Don’t ask why because I have no clue what vikings are doing on the sun. But as a rooster, you hop in your innuendo filled rocket and fly to the sun, and proceed to kill said vikings with a gun that shoots out white gloopy stuff. I’m sure you can get the reference to that one.

I highly suggest not watching this video if you’re sensitive to innuendos and sexual jokes. If you aren’t though, this video is a great preview of the game and can let you know if it’s something you’re interested in or not. If shooting splooge out of a gun and randomly acquiring a weapon that consists of three angry orcas is your thing, then Fowl Space can be bought here on Steam for $4.99.

 Fowl Space: A Preview Full of Adult Content


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