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A Valley Without Wind Showing At E3, 1.1 Update Arrives Next Week

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a valley without wind A Valley Without Wind Showing At E3, 1.1 Update Arrives Next Week

Indie developer Arcen Games is excited to announce the inclusion of A Valley Without Wind in this year’s Indiecade E3 Showcase, as well as details on the massive (and free) 1.1 update set to arrive for the game during the show next week.

Content additions and improvements abound across nearly 50 post-release beta updates set to make-up the first official AVWW post-launch release. Over 160 new room maps, 30 new enemies (such as the Nightmare Octopus and Dread Gazebo), seven new minibosses (such as the Giant Clockwork Wasp and Dark Dragon), new Freefall and Boss Delve missions, three new spells, five new enchants, five new music tracks, and over a dozen added or improved major features will be packed as part of next week’s release.

It’s not all about the numbers though. We’ve worked heavily with the game’s player base to address some of the major issues that were taking away from the fun factor. A rebalanced, streamlined strategic flow to the game has been worked in, vastly improving how players can navigate and progress their individual world. The reworked gameplay also encourages spell variety and experimentation by the player.

Monster variety has also been tackled head on, not only with the aforementioned additions, but with the introduction of enemy elites and infestations/traps. Seeding of these dangers throughout all of the different regions has had yet another layer added to it, to make each chunk that much more of a unique area to the player. That goes for more than just monsters and infestations, there’s better seeding in chunks regarding interior rooms, music tracks, puzzle rooms, NPCs, and more. Upgrade stones have been ditched for a reworked enchant slot system that adds flexibility to character creation/customization, with time-period bonus abilities and new options such as re-roll and rename offered for characters as well.

‘What else’ you say? The Opal Guardian Store is open for business and accepting your hard earned consciousness shards (which are now all the same color) collected in the wild as currency, the shopping list arrives as part of an improved planning menu, windstorms have been tweaked so that they’re more fun and more of a threat to take on, exploration with the minimap is much better, and the game now offers support for texture packs.

It’s truly an exhausting list of stuff, but it’s all in effort to make huge refinements to the core concepts we’ve been building on. Almost everything you love as a player is still there and made better, and the major items annoying players have been addressed and majorly reworked.

All this will arrive during our showing of A Valley Without Wind at E3 2012. We’re excited to join a slew of other indie developers to exhibit our game as part of IndieCade’s Showcase booth. The booth will be open during exhibiting hours June 5-7 and is located in the Concourse Foyer at the Los Angeles Convention Center (on Level 1 in the West Hall entrance).

Below is the 1.1 Update

AVWW 1.1 New additions include…
  • More than 160 new room maps
  • 37 New enemies, including 15 elite types and 7 Minibosses.
  • 5 New awesome tracks from Pablo
  • 9 Major feature changes/improvements
  • 5 New Major features
  • 5 New Enchant types
  • 3 New Spells
  • 2 New Mission types
Some new/improved feature highlights:
  • Texture pack support
  • The “shopping list”
  • The Opal Store
  • Infestations/Traps
  • Character re-roll and rename
  • No more upgrade stones -> Better character customization!
  • Better minimap function
  • Time Period based Character Bonuses!
 A Valley Without Wind Showing At E3, 1.1 Update Arrives Next Week

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