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Point-and-Click adventures aren’t generally the genre of game that people jump at the chance to play. But I am a gamer that jumps at the chance, hands-down. Point-and-Click adventure games are a classic genre, and through the years they have only gotten better, and maybe even a bit satirical against their own genre, and others included. Does that mean The Book of Unwritten Tales has a bit of satire in it? Well, I don’t think it would be quite the game it is without the amount of satire that happens throughout the game.

It is not very common that a game can offer humor which makes fun of the game type that you are actually playing. Poking jokes about how dragons shouldn’t be able to fly, and how magic is the answer to any question. Or even why gnomes put so much work into their crazy inventions that don’t even work half the time, or at least properly. Now, you might be wondering what The Book of Unwritten Tales must be about, what could possibly deal with Dragons, Gnomes, and the like? Well, it deals with more than just those possible peoples, or things… There are elves, orcs, humans, bunnies, rats… you get the jist? There is an adventure to save the world! Or, at least to make sure that a certain object does not fall into the wrong hands which can decide the fate of the war that is currently going on. Of course there is a war going on, that is why there are so few characters around.

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Now, as most point-and-click adventures go, there are obviously a bunch of different puzzles to solve on your way to the end. Each big puzzle has a bunch of little (or maybe not a bunch) puzzles inside of them. They are not hard to solve, really. It just takes some general knowledge of how things work. The door won’t open because there needs to be electricity running to it? Well, clearly I have to flip the switch first in order to turn the electricity on. Oh darn, the breaker is broke? Well, it looks like I have to go get a replacement, put it in, and then turn it on… thus the door opens. You know that general idea of how to solve things. Although, some of the puzzles are a bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea. Within the game you can push the SpaceBar at any point in the game and it actually tells you what objects you can interact with in order to help you solve the mysteries. This makes it overly easy to solve the puzzles as you go through.

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One of my favorite parts in the game would have to be the voice acting. Yes, they have voice acting! Everyone says something, or mumbles… or maybe they just grunt and make noises. Either way, they make noise, or talk. By far I think the voice acting is perfect for all of the characters that are around. The voices fit the humor of the game, especially some of the sillier characters, or more exaggerated characters. I found myself laughing when listening to characters talk back and forth between each other, especially listening to the tones and just the way they responded. It definitely made solving the puzzles even more enjoyable. As most know, voices with characters really help you get to know a character and by the end of the game you really got to know all of the characters really well, and with the tones they were using whether or not they were getting annoyed or not.

But that doesn’t mean the graphics are left behind either. The graphics for such a point-and-click adventure are perfect. They are absolutely gorgeous and they really fit well with the genre. The game can look bright (although tired at points), or even dark and gloomy. Depending on where you are, will depend on how things look of course. The graphics have a classic almost painted style to them, but polished enough to go with the 3D feel of the characters and objects. Over-all, the graphics once again… fit perfectly for what the game is. The only thing that was really a downfall when it comes to the graphics of the game is the fact that you cannot really choose to change many options. Such as I was playing on a 1080p monitor and it left black borders on the left and right side of my screen, even though I had the right screen resolution selected. There also aren’t that many choices when it comes to changing the game graphically, nothing more than a console game might have.

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The satire, the graphics, the voice actors, and even just the way the puzzles are introduced have made The Book of Unwritten Tales exactly what it should be.  A fun game that takes shots at itself and even other games, it is quite funny when one of the character addresses you as the player clearly making fun and then one of the other NPCs comments on the random character talking to the air thinking they are clearly crazy. So, now it comes down to how I felt about the game. Well, if you could not tell from reading through the review… I enjoyed the game quite a bit. It kept me laughing and enjoying the puzzles as I went through them, although sometimes the running back and forth was a bit annoying, luckily the load screens were short and you can skip the character walking across your screen if you are telling them to go to another area. Thus comes the truth… do I suggest The Book of Unwritten Tales? Hands down, yes. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I think others would as well. Even those with families and kids would enjoy it as well. My daughter spent most of the time I played this game sitting on my lap enjoying the voice acting and the silliness that I had to do. She clearly enjoyed the game as much as I did, and by far I suggest checking out The Book of Unwritten Tales… maybe you can write your own tale.

You can download The Book of Unwritten Tales from Steam for $19.99, but you can also download the Demo for FREE if you want to give the game a try before you actually buy it. Although, for $20 and the hours of entertainment… I say it is completely worth it.

 Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales

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