Sony In Jeopardy Of Losing ‘The Last Guardian’ Trademark


It seems like whenever news of The Last Guardian hits the internet, it’s bad. Continuing the trend is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office who has filed a notice of abandonment¬†informing Sony they’ve been sitting on the pot too long. So what does this mean exactly? Basically it’s the way of the government telling Sony that The Last Guardian name could become public domain. Sony has two months to petition for the rights of the name again before they will completely lose it.

Sony assured us all that the The Last Guardian is indeed¬†still in development, but one has to wonder exactly how much love this game isn’t getting behind the scenes. It’s been over 3 years since we’ve seen the E3 trailer, and every piece of news that tends to drip out isn’t coming from Sony’s marketing department. We can thank the U.S. government for our Last Guardian update this time around.

 Sony In Jeopardy Of Losing The Last Guardian Trademark

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