Metro: Last Light “Ranger” Difficulty Mode

THQ has announced that Metro: Last Light’s Limited Edition will include the Ranger Mode difficulty setting.

Ranger Mode is a game type made to make Metro: Last Light harder. In addition to that, the LE will also include the Ranger load-out, which contains “bonus military grade bullets” to spend on weapon upgrades and equipment. Also, you’ll get the AKS-74U, a variant of the AK Russian assault rifle line.

In Metro: Last Light’s predecessor, Metro 2033, Ranger Mode came in two types: easy and hardcore. On easy, the player would get killed by a few bullets and the crosshairs were disabled. In Ranger Hardcore, the HUD itself was off entirely and the player could get killed by a single bullet.


Metro: Last Light will be out in March 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3

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