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Ol’s school PC gamers rejoice! Microsoft has a FTP server that houses some of its best games from Windows 95/98 in it. I’m not talking about some shifty off the wall titles either. There are powerhouses like Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires 2, Hell-bender, mech-commander, and many many more. To me this is like a treasure of my childhood. The games found in here could never be replaced by today’s technology, just for the simple fact that they are worth their weight in gold by the time spend playing them.  I wanted to get this out to the public as soon as possible, just to give everyone a quick heads up. I know I will be spending most of my day looking through these titles and playing as many as possible for as long as possible. Who ever said growing up means losing your childhood, clearly hasn’t found this Microsoft Treasure.


 Microsoft Ol School Treasure Chest

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