Finding a part of myself with Imagine Me

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I have been meaning to write an article about KnifiGames’ – Imagine Me, but it has been rather difficult thing for me to do.  I say that it has been difficult because the creators are people I know beyond a normal press and developer relationship. I have known Chris and Hollie for a number of years, long enough to know the original concept of Imagine Me, the successful kickstarter campaign, and I even got to watch the team grow from just Chris and his wife Hollie to a team of 7.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a normal relationship, and for the most part it is normal. I get to talk about their upcoming game Imagine Me which is about a young boy named Robbe who wakes up and has no idea who he is. And as the player you must help him find himself by facing his fears in dungeons.

But at the same time I know Chris and Hollie on a personal level. I must say that I have never met them nor have I ever actually heard their voices outside of a video. But I have known Chris since before he left Activision, I have heard good and bad things that I promised I wouldn’t talk about, I helped with input on his portfolio for his job transfer, I have  been lucky enough to share my thoughts and ideas on his projects, and I have even been able to get details into his rather mysterious and long dev career. I was able to get a ton of insight on things that many other press sites would love to publish.

As part of the press, it is part of my work to be as neutral as possible, but can one truly be neutral in the news industry where the relationship drives everything? Personally I think not, and that is why I have been having such a hard time writing about Imagine Me. I feel close to the project and I want it to succeed.

But I have been thinking quite a bit about what I should do, I have looked at a good majority of the relationships I have with devs. Some are good some are bad some are even neutral, then there are the ones like I have with KnifiGames. Then I think about my golden rule for Gamers Haven News… Stay Positive. I try my best to not write anything negative without a proper response or an idea for a solution, I do not advertise the negativity of the industry because we honestly don’t need more people thinking bad about gamers and yes negativity does bring in the page views, but it is honestly not worth the issues that it causes.

The relationships that are formed between press and devs are rather sporadic and seem to always be based on page views, big name companies, free stuff and general political nonsense. But this does not work for indie games, indie games are personal and there are no masks to hide who is behind the game. So to share the game is to share the people behind it.

After thinking about both things I came to the conclusion that I should just share what I enjoy even if I am slightly biased, as long as I can keep the facts straight. The indie game industry is a completely different beast than the big companies and needs to be treated as such. It isn’t about page views and rankings but about community and the relationships that are formed that stretch beyond the game. People get to know the devs and get to know their personality which can truly make or break a game.

So when all things are said and done I only have good things to say about Imagine Me and it is not only because of my relationship with the devs but also from what I have experienced. KnifiGames has also unknowingly helped me find myself when it comes sharing things I enjoy as opposed to only talking about facts from a professional stand point.

Well that is all I have and I know all this seems like rambling and it completely is, but I hope it has you thinking atleast.

Also check out Imagine Me.

 Finding a part of myself with Imagine Me

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