air zombie

Internet Bytes: Zombies on a Plane

Your favorite movie has to be Snakes on a Plane, right? I mean, that movie had some of the best acting, CG work, and over-all deserves the highest of recognitions. No? Well, you like Zombies? A little bit? What about Zombies on a Plane? No, I am not joking, this is no April Fools. Over […]


Internet Bytes: Gentleman Caller Claptrap

So… There really isn’t much that needs to be said with this. Needless to say… it all speaks for itself. But come on… Gentleman Caller Claptrap? Yes, please! A million times, yes. On you can get your hands on this 7” and fully poseable lovely piece of Borderlands Gentleman-esque robotery. I need this in […]

square enix

Square Enix Returns to the Past

Sometimes it takes some falling down and getting back up for a company to realize that maybe they need to change the way they are doing things. Or maybe they even need to change back to the way they did things. Square Enix is one of those companies that chased mass appeal, over something that […]

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56

Highest Grossing Animated Movie of All-Time

This may not be the “game” news, but it is entertainment news, so I had to share this with you guys. You know the movie Frozen, right? I am sure you do… if you haven’t, then you are a little behind the times. Well, you may want to know that Frozen is actually the highest […]

twitch broadcasting

Next Generation Twitch Experience on Xbox One

As someone who was a streamer, who is also a recent owner of an Xbox One, I really am jealous of the fact that PS4 players can stream so easily, and we have yet to get that ability with the Xbox One. But luckily our wait is not a long one. When the version of […]

flappy bird

Flappy Bird Taken Down

Well, the time has come and gone. Flappy Bird was here, making your lives stressful, and then bam… now it is gone. Dong Nguyen, which was the creator of Flappy Bird makes sure you know through his Twitter, that it has nothing to do with legal issues, and that he still plans on making games, […]

noscope gaming glasses

Review: NoScope Gaming Glasses

To my shock and excitement I randomly won a pair of NoScope Gaming Glasses. One of the people I follow on Twitter did a random giveaway for those who follow them, and I got lucky enough to win in on that drawing! I have never had the opportunity or chance to use gaming glasses before, […]

xbox sign out

Internet Bytes: Xbox Trolls

Oh, I am all over troll videos. I love them, they are hilarious, great, and some of them are exceptionally clever. This one really plays on people and their Xbox consoles. Needless to say, it leads to some great reactions, definitely makes me wish I had thought of something like this, haha. I hope you […]


SimCity Gets Modded

It isn’t very common that you play a PC game without the ability to load up some mods. Sure, there are some games that do not have mods, but that seems like such a rare occurrence now. Actually, some people even look into if the developers offer any kind of mod support before buying into […]

steam family sharing

If you are one of the people who has had a chance to use the new Steam family sharing option, then you might be interested to know about some of the changes that they have made. Valve recently updated the sharing options for, which now has implemented a two-step validation process. Basically what this means […]

rayman origins mac

Rayman Origins Releasing on Mac

As a Mac user, it is always exciting when there is news of a game coming out on Mac now. Whether it is a game that was already released on other formats, or even just originally releasing on Mac as well as PC (or anything else). In this instance, Rayman Origins is being released for […]


Fez Hits One Million Milestone

It seems like almost everyone in the gaming world, especially the Indie gaming world, knows of Fez. Which, there is a pretty obvious reason behind that! They were apart of the documentary Indie Game: The Movie, as well with some other games, such as Braid; that were being developed at the time as well. But […]

the wolf among us title

Wolf Among Us Released on iOS With Behind the Scenes

If you have played some Wolf Among Us, then you might be excited to know that it has released today on the iOS App Store. Maybe you have not gotten a chance to play Wolf Among Us, and this is going to be the perfect time. On top of this new release Telltale has also […]

shenmue series

Shenmue 3 is Fake

If you are a fan of the Shenmue series, then you might be disappointed to find out that the recent trademark for Shenmue 3 is fake and not at all affiliated with Sega, as confirmed by Sega themselves. So, unfortunately you will have to pull out your Dreamcast, or even Xbox and play the older […]


PS4 Red Light, Blue Light, No Visuals

Just the other day I posted an article about there being some pre-release consoles bricking and having some issues. I detailed a way that supposedly would fix the console, granted I know my article didn’t get around the world by any means. But either people have tried the fix, and it did not work, or […]


PS4 Bricking

PS4 seems to already be bricking, although the console has not even been released yet. Which makes these incidents pretty isolated for the time being, but what happens when the console is fully released? In case these problems arise, we are here to help you through it! Unfortunately, because people are already having these problems, […]

assassins creed movie

Assassin’s Creed Movie Delayed

Of course, any time a game is being transitioned to a movie there is always a bit of excitement, but also some nervousness that comes with it! I always had a guilty pleasure when it came to the Super Mario Bros. movie. What can I say? I liked it, so sue me! But, to be […]

Ps4 1

Pre Download PS4′s Day One Update

Are you going to get a PS4 this Friday? Then you might want to be prepared! Knowing how many people are going to be picking up a PS4 on the same day as you, then you do not want to fight people on Sony’s servers to try and get the day one update. It has […]

humble store debut

Humble Store Live

The Humble Store is now live! You can get your hands on games that are normally more expensive, for cheap. Now it isn’t like the Humble Bundle, where you can choose your price. But they do cut some prices a lot! Check out the Humble Store and see some of the awesome deals that are […]


Sony Software Usage Terms Updated

Recently Sony updated the PlayStation 4’s Software Usage Terms. In these terms there seems to be some statements that are suggesting that the company may monitor the PlayStation Network user voice and text communications. “Your use of PSN and our community features may be recorded and collected by us or sent to us by other […]