The Secret World – Reporting in From Beta Weekend

  It’s no secret that The Secret World has caught my attention, just look at articles with my tag. Apparently though, I wasn’t the only one, as we announced earlier this week. But, for those of us unable to play for whatever reason or those trying to get an idea of the game, let’s get […]


Flood gates start to open on The Secret World

Over the past few months The Secret World has been gearing up for its newly revealed release date on June 19th. We’ve gotten a deeper look at much of the game but as the embargo lifts on the presentation at GDC, a full view of what’s quickly becoming the most anticipated MMO in 2012 is […]


Brawl Busters Pre-Release Week – Everything You Need To Know!

Let’s get ready to brawl! Brawl Busters, a new Free to Play game available on Steam, is getting ready to launch it’s full version on February 23rd but, luckily for you, they’re doing a pre-release week with bonus EXP and a free in-game pair of sunglasses to boot! So what’s the game about? Take a […]


GamePro Shuts Down

In the age of the internet, magazines and newspapers have taken heavy loses, sometimes leading to them shutting down but this one hits close to home for many gamers of the 90′s. After announcing earlier this year that GamePro would be cutting their magazine’s production to a quarterly publication, they are now shutting down is […]


The Free-to-Play MMO – What DCUO is doing right.

As a big fan of MMOs in general, those outside of the player-base might think it strange when I say I can’t stand a free-to-play business model. Sure, for those of us unable to pony up a few bucks a month for the subscription fee it’s a godsend, calling to us to devour our free […]


Steam Summer Sale – How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Money)

The Steam Summer Sale is over and after wearing out my keyboard’s number pad from inputting my card information so much, I’ve finally had a chance to actually try each of the titles I bought. Admittedly, I haven’t beaten them all just yet so bear with me, but let’s break ‘em down.   A.R.E.S. Extinction […]

Steal This Idea!

Steal This Idea! Issue 4 – Sweating the Small Stuff

Character Immersion: With games like APB and Brink successfully building hype, at least partially, on things like their massive amounts of character customization and some form or another of customization in most games these days, it’s clear that people want to have their character stand out from the others. When it comes to character design […]

Steal This Idea!

Steal This Idea! – Issue 3 (The Revenge)

Integrated Minigame: The trouble with games (particularly online multiplayer games) is that we can’t always be playing. Jobs and school should always take precedence, but in the age of the internet, workplaces are starting to realize that by allowing employees to surf the web aimlessly, it actually encourages them to work harder when they’re done. […]


Point – Counterpoint. The Wii-U Discussion

I wasn’t sure whether or not to make this an article, but apparently my opinion isn’t the majority opinion. So, in honor of the new forums, I’ll make this a topic of discussion. Visit the discussion here While not much has been released, the Wii-U already has a list of exclusive titles, both Nintendo-based and […]


Games to Keep an Eye On – NeverDead

In a pre-E3 announcement, Konami has released a small peak into its latest action title, NeverDead. What makes NeverDead stand out from the rest of the games out there?  Never dying. You play Bryce, a wisecracking demon hunter turned immortal 500 years before the events of the game. Having spent half a millennium killing demons […]

Steal This Idea!

Steal This Idea! – Issue 2 (Now with more common sense!)

Pandering: Lying somewhere between the movie industry and the literary world, game development is a middle ground in the world of creativity. It’s not exactly the open realm of possibility that books, editorials and blogs all seem to be a part of. Say what you like about the inexplicably popular novels that come out these […]


APB Reloaded – First Impressions

Let me start by saying that I did indeed get a chance to play APB the first time around, just barely making it into the closed Beta in the final wave of players before official release. I don’t think I managed to get more than 3 or 4 hours of total playtime in before it […]


The Sims 3 Generations – Identifying with Age Groups

Announcing the 4th expansion pack to The Sims 3, EA reveals the next step in the wildly popular game’s evolution- Age specific game mechanics. Playing off of the desires, concerns and urges through each stage of life, your Sim will now be more human than ever. Your aging digital counterpart will feel the effects of […]


Spiderman: Edge of Time – Preview

Look out! Here comes the Spiderman in a new installment of his gritty game franchise heralded by Activision. While the last was short of perfect, it was at the least, very entertaining. Fans of the web-slinger got access into cult favorite versions of the Marvel Universe developed throughout the years, including my own preferred world, […]


Brink – Developer Redemption

For those who haven’t heard, the good folks at Splash Damage are offering a reconciliation for the rocky first week of Brink. Tirelessly working to resolve all the bugs and lag, the devs have been throwing out patches all week like free swag at a con, t-shirt cannon and all. As a peace offering for […]

Steal This Idea!

Steal This Idea – First Issue Double Feature. (The LMMO and ECS)

The Persistent Co-op RPG and the LMMO/PSMMO: My oldest and dearest idea refined over the years. As far back as Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, I’ve been saying how awesome it would be to be able to play with friends in an ever changing RPG world. As you play through these sort of games, you acquire houses, […]


Brink – Review Follow Up

As someone who doesn’t really have the money to buy every game I see, I preordered Brink expecting a fair amount from it. It also should be said I usually don’t bat an eye at FPS games, if Halo: Combat Evolved didn’t have vehicles I never would have played it on my own, and if […]


The Secret World – Dark Days Are Coming, Are You Ready?

It’s only fitting that my inaugural article be about the only game able to keep my attention over the span of years. Interestingly enough, this particular game hasn’t even made it to beta. First, some background. It’s no secret to anyone even relatively close to me that I’m an MMO fan first and a fan […]