Digital Rights Management (or DRM for short) is, and have always been, a thorn in the sides of gamers. Having to verify your email, name, age, a DNA-scan and your blood type to play online, is not exactly something gamers enjoy… Yet to prevent pirates from pirating games, it’s the developers’ job to do so,
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A little while back, we heard that the domain “” had been registered and the speculation of a 3rd Installment, in the 5th Generation of Pokémon had been roaming the internet. Now the rumors have gotten slightly more meat on its bones, and a simple little advertisement in “Weekly Shonen Jump” have stated that, there
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Once upon a time

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Have you ever felt like you were playing a game with no story? Chances are that you just weren’t looking hard enough. True, games like Minecraft and Counter Strike has no story (Minecraft is apparently getting a story at some point), but as such it’s not really the story we’re there for, it’s for having
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As I turn on my old PlayStation to play one of old favorite games “Rascal”, I start to realize just how hard this game can be at times. Sure most of the difficulty comes from the rather clunky controls at times, but the game doesn’t in fact give you much of a breather. If I
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Go figure, as soon as I turn my head the other way, Game Freak starts scheming things behind my back. The domain has been registered by Melbourne IT DBS, the same company that registered While there has been no clean evidence that the game is in the making, it wouldn’t come as a
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