Hands-on with Sniper Elite: V2

Sniper Elite: V2 recently released a demo within the past day or so and if the demo is any indication, the full game is going to be absolutely wonderful. Eschewing the norms of war hero melodrama, V2 instead hands players a sniper rifle and a few pieces of equipment before setting them less against the […]


A look at Medal of Honor: Warfighter

To say Medal of Honor ain’t what it used to be is an understatement. It’s gone from the epic European and Japanese fronts of WWII to the dusty sands of Afghanistan during the War on Terror. While some would argue the series took a downturn with the most recent title in the franchise, I see […]


Naval War: Arctic Circle Preview

If Naval War: Arctic Circle has taught me one thing, it’s that I’d suck at actually commanding a modern navy. The plot is pretty simple; NATO and Russia are on the brink of war over fishing rights and scarce resources. The other 99% of Naval War, the actual gameplay, is not so simple. Players select […]



I really wanted to like Syndicate. I truly did. It’s clear that Starbreeze wanted to please shooter fans as well because all of the ticks have been checked off; excellent combat, satisfying gunplay, and cool chip-enhanced superpowers. The problem is that none of these features come together in a meaningful way unless you’re playing the […]


Why fans shouldn’t worry about Resident Evil: ORC

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is about as far from the regular Resident Evil template as you can get. For starters, ORC is a tactical, team-based shooter that stresses leverage of player abilities and teamwork. Coming off of the stellar Resident Evil 5, which was all about the horror and lack of control, ORC is […]


The Playstation Vita

For as much as gamers bemoan Sony’s proprietary accessories, recent hacking scandal, and high prices, the embattled company has produced some of the best consoles and handhelds available. While Sony’s original PSP was great, it had its fair share of problems. With the PS Vita, Sony now has a chance to right its past wrongs […]


What I thought about Binary Domain

Binary Domain is about shooting robots to the point where they shatter into thousands of little pieces. It’s about intense squad-based tactics, blazing combat, destructible environments, and crazy-giant robots. From the brief demo that was recently released, Binary Domain could be one of the best shooters this year if it sticks to the great gunplay […]


Win free stuff!

This year will likely set most gamers back quite a few of their hard-earned pennies. The list of stellar, must-buy releases is endless and many of us just can’t afford to pay the steep asking prices. Luckily for you, my Steam inventory seems to contain quite a few Steam coupons and Strong Bad’s Cool Game […]

amalur 2

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

I’ve been trolling around the lands of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and I have a confession to make: I passed this game off when I had first heard of it. The screenshots reminded me of World of Warcraft and the promise of intense, responsive combat seemed unfathomable because Amalur is, at its heart, an RPG. […]


A look at: Warp

In a word, Warp is different. The alien protagonist Zero is not some face-eating, blood-sucking world destroyer. In fact, Zero is this adorable little orange thing that’s had the misfortune of being abducted and experimented on by naughty scientists. Unfortunately for the humans, Zero has the innate ability to teleport almost anywhere, including human bodies. […]


What’s Cell: Emergence all about?

New Life Technologies is one of those development studios I somehow managed to miss. Amidst the hundreds of game development houses, it’s difficult to keep track of everyone out there. It’s a shame really, because New Life has created what may be one of this year’s most unique titles. Entitled Cell: Emergence, New Life has […]


A look at: Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is a World War II shooter. Half of you have probably never heard of it, and if for those who have, you might not have guessed that V2 is a sequel to one of the best sniper simulations in years. To this day, few games have perfected the art of stealth and […]

reck 1

What I thought about Reckoning

Apparently, someone forgot to tell everyone that Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur is actually quite fun. The demo was just released this past week and, if some minor technical improvements are made, Reckoning could be a hit with action and RPG junkies alike. Here’s why the unassuming title is worth your time. 1. It’s fun to […]


RAGE, the best shooter of 2011?

RAGE did something I never expected; it went from being a completely broken mess to one of my top shooters of 2011. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I picked the PC version because I thought it was the superior product. Graphical artifacts and screen-tearing quickly made it apparent that id really dropped the ball […]


New Sony Tease: The Last of Us

Recently Sony teased an unannounced game that was said to be ‘unbelievable’. Well, a teaser was released today and not much has been revealed about the title other than the name, The Last of Us. It will be unveiled at the upcoming Spike Game Awards so stay tuned for more info. Based on the ant-mind […]



Bodycount is like a cheesy pre-summer blockbuster that tries way too hard to swing with the box office triple-A films. There are tons of explosions and shooting, all amplified by the cool-looking destruction engine. Every bullet kicks a hole in the wall and tears apart objects in the environment, making the simple action of shooting […]


Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the conclusion of one of the best-selling franchises in history. Naturally, that means MW3’s single-player campaign goes out with a heck of a (flash) bang. Your sole purpose is to find and kill Makarov, the mastermind behind World War 3 and every event across the storied trilogy. Every […]


Modern Combat 3

Modern Combat 3 on the iPhone is what a handheld version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would most likely end up as. Unlike the DS incarnations of the legendary series, Modern Combat is able to have all of the blockbuster moments and explosive action without sacrificing much of the spectacle. Let’s set one thing […]


Battlefield 3

The prologue to Battlefield 3′s campaign starts off with a frantic firefight inside a moving subway car. As bullets tear rows of chairs to pieces and a bomb goes, off, I can’t help but wonder how this is anything like the game I expected. As it turns out, the train scene is pretty far ahead […]


A look at Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

Before I tell you about this game, let me be blunt: this is not a triple-A FPS. It’s not even a sub-$40 game. It’s a small, bargain-bin on-rails shooter that looks like it’s trying to follow in the footsteps of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you’re still reading, good for […]