A look at Gratuitous Tank Battles

Every once in a while there’s a neat little game that tickles some odd, nichey feeling. From developers Positech Games comes the latest ditty to scratch that itch, Gratuitous Tank Battles. Forgoing Gratuitous Space Battles’s hands-off combat style, GTB is all about setting up defense turrets to hold off waves of troops, tanks (what else?) […]


A look at the new Syndicate

The original Syndicate was an exercise in being a really, really mega-corporation head. Leading a team of brainwashed supersoldiers, your goal was to eliminate the other rival companies by offing their associates. While it wasn’t the best isometric, turn-based strategy game ever, it was a lot of fun. That’s why it’s pretty surprising to see […]


BF3 beta impressions and thoughts by Harrison

Last week, EA decided it would toss an earth-rockin’ beta for the highly anticipated Battlefield 3, the oft-touted Call of Duty killer. Sporting some of the best visuals in the biz, blazing combat, and sound work that makes war sound incredible, BF3 is poised to give CoD a real smackdown. However, after playing the beta, […]


Red Orchestra 2 Review

Red Orchestra 2 is good. As in, go-buy-this-game-now good. It’s a rare breed of World War II shooter, finding the right middle-ground between realism and fun. With accurately-modeled ballistics, meaty guns, phenomenal soundwork, and tight gameplay, RO2 is a breath of fresh air in the stagnating FPS genre. Red Orchestra is set in the Eastern […]


Get the Master OST for Red Orchestra 2!

Did you really like the soundtrack for Red Orchestra 2 and want to get your hands on a copy? Want to chip in and help the Child’s Play auction? Thanks to eBay user m.designs, you can do both buy purchasing the amazing signed master copy of the soundtrack. Yes, I did say the MASTER copy, […]


Blow stuff up with Renegade Ops!

While the title, Renegade Ops sounds about as generic as game titles come, you’d be doing a massive disservice to yourself and the brilliant devs over at Avalanche if you pass it off. Have you played Just Cause 2 (Avalanche made that too)? If you have, you’ll remember the insane explosions and ridiculous amount of […]


ARMA 3 Website Reveal

Acclaimed super mil-sim franchise ARMA is set to reveal a new website for the next installment in the storied series, ARMA 3. A ‘mysterious’ countdown has shown up on the site, ticking down to this coming Friday. According to the developers, the site will highlight many of the new characters, game features, and associated media […]


A look at: Red Orchestra 2

Red Orchestra 2 is harder than any World War II Call of Duty game, it’s harder than Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942, and every other FPS franchise combined. RO2’s unrelenting realism and nerve-wracking tension all contribute to why the game is one of the best WWII games ever made. Forget every modern shooter tactic you’ve […]


Kids and Call of Duty

The argument has been made that kids shouldn’t play Call of Duty. Every news station (*cough cough* FOX *cough*) has made it apparent that it will turn our youth into homicidal maniacs and depraved war criminals. While I do agree that kids shouldn’t be playing Call of Duty, it’s not as simple as ‘it’s rated […]


Bet on Serious Sam and get some!

Serious Sam 3 is on the way and the previews have all been positive, pointing out that Sam does a better job at partying like it’s 1999 better than Duke Nukem ever could. However, behind SS3 developer Croteam is a smaller indie company known as Mommy’s Best Games that’s also had a hand in the […]


Real shooters you can dig

Tired of the endless glut of arcadey modern warfare first-person shooters? Bored by the lack of realism and shooting-gallery festivals? If so, you’re entering the FPS burnout phase where everything starts to look the same, play the same, and feel the same. This list of hot-as-Hades PC shooters should be just what the doctor ordered […]


Deus Ex: Human Revolution review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, though a prequel, is the sleek, modern update of the 2000 FPS-RPG hybrid classic, Deus Ex, that revolutionized (pun) how gamers experienced a narrative. It offered choices, big and small, that had any number of consequences and changed how players saw the plot. Human Revolution is a lot like the original, […]