New On Steam – Analogue: A Hate Story

Digital: A Love Story was a free game designed with the Ren’Py engine as a visual novel (You may be more familiar with the Ren’Py engine from the game Katawa Shoujo). It told the story of the protagonist’s online relationship with a girl and their attempts to solve a mystery surrounding the deaths of several […]


Proteus: A Preview

Proteus has been in development for quite some time, and it was seen in an alpha test around May last year. However since then there have been many improvements to the game, and a newer version has been released for us to preview. Proteus is, to the best I can describe, an exploration music game. […]


Gotham City Imposter’s “Rodeo Pirate Pack”

While I get that one of the major points of Gotham City Imposters is the complete randomness and nonsensical ideas of it all, their latest DLC to come out soon seems to be a little too off the edge. The DLC is just exactly like it’s title: It contains pirates, cowboys, and related items. You’ll […]


Indie Gala Back Again Already

The fourth Indie Gala is up already, despite the last one just ending recently. As of right now there are currently only four games available to this bundle, however there seems to be the potential of up to five more games being available if certain needs are met. The basic bundle only comes with two […]


New on Steam: Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is a survival horror game, however it also has some role-playing and point-and-click elements to it as well. You play as a masked man who must escape a city that has been ravaged by disease. You’re starving and exhausted however, and you start to wonder if what you’re seeing is even real. The […]


Sackboy gets a costume from Journey

LittleBigPlanet 2′s latest DLC includes a new costume that’s based off the amazing game from Thatgamecompany, Journey. The costume will be released on April 25th, and will be available for only $1.99! (£1.59 / €1.99 / AUS $3.45 / NZD $3.90 for other countries).



When I first saw Starbound, I didn’t know a thing about it. I just saw one single image, and I was instantly intrigued. While this image really doesn’t show much about the game since it’s not in-game graphics, I just couldn’t help myself. So I delved in, and what I found is what seems to […]


GamersGate Joins the Bundle Scene

GamersGate has released their very own indie bundle titled “IndieFort Bundle No 1“.  Being a major game distributing site, you’d think that all money was going straight to GamersGate. However, if you donate more than the minimum price, which is $5.99, all that extra money will go right to the devs themselves. The games in […]

Indie Royale Logo

Indie Royale’s April Fools Bundle

April Fools day may have passed, but luckily for us this bundle isn’t just a prank. This bundle contains five games, and as usual the minimum price of the bundle depends on how much everyone is spending on average. The more you spend, the less it is for everyone else! And of course there’s the […]


Assassin’s Creed for Kinect

  [youtube id="7NufHsmITjM" width="600" height="350"] Official announcement for the first Assassin’s Creed game with full motion control! Live your legacy as a member of the Assassin order and learn to execute classic moves with your hidden blade or your bare hands! Get in shape while you come ever closer to the truth locked away in […]


Loading…..The Other Brothers

Recently showcased at the Game Developer’s Conference, The Other Brothers is a game in the works that will eventually be released on the iPhone and iPad. Hopefully it won’t stay on just iPhone though, because I would love to see this game available on PC, though at least there’s the possibility of it releasing on […]


Fling babies in Offspring Fling

Offspring Fling, created by it’s doting parent Kyle Pulver, is now available on Windows and Mac. Playing a character that looks as if Pikachu and Kirby had a steamy night, is a puzzle game involving a mother who has lost way too many of her children. Apparently not only is she the production of drunken […]


The Indie Movement: Eden Industries

Eden Industries recently released their very first game Waveform, so an interview about the indie industry with them is a perfect opportunity to get some opinions from budding developers. Their mission in game developing is to reach back to the time when games were fun for everyone who sat down to play them, and attempt […]


Fez gets a release date!

Don’t mind the painful banner there, it’s just the best way to show the excitement over the fact that Fez is finally getting a release date! After being in development for four years, and having to go through many delays, the 2D sides-croller with a 3D twist is going to be released next month. It […]


Treats for Geeks: Big Daddy Cupcakes

With Bioshock Infinite coming up, it seems only fitting that you prepare some snacks for many hours sitting in front of the tv and not wanting to get up. Even more fitting, is if these snacks happened to be related to Bioshock. Right? Well the solution to that is simple: Big Daddy Cupcakes! They’re incredibly […]


Rise From the Grave with Bundle4Dead

Indievania is a wonderful site that’s dedicated to selling indie games directly to players, no client needed, and making sure 100% of the cost of the game goes straight to the developer. This allows developers to give you great deals on their own games, while still making money off of it to fun future games. […]


Humble Bundle for Android 2 Adds Snuggly Teddy Bears

With only 7 days left, Humble Bundle has recently added Snuggle Truck to their second Humble Bundle for Android. This game is available on Android, as well as PC, so you can transport snuggly stuffed animals to the stuffed animal zoo while on the go. You have to be careful though! These toys aren’t very […]


It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take These From The Item Shoppe.

Keychains, necklaces, earrings, pins, magnets: The Item Shoppe sells these all and more, and they’re all related to topics to suit our geeky and nerdy needs. There are so many different types of items that I can’t even list them all.  The shop is nicely divided into categories though, so viewing them that way makes […]


The Indie Gala III

While no where near as large as their last bundle, Indie Gala’s latest bundle isn’t lacking. With their third bundle, you can pay as much as you want. However if you want the bonus games, you’ll want to pay more than the average because the basic bundle is only three games. The “paid below average” […]


New on Steam: Fowl Space

Feeling cocky? If so then playing as a heroic rooster who’s bent on a ridiculous adventure to destroy the sun might just be for you. Unfortunately for this rooster though, a legion of lingerie-loving Vikings have made the sun their headquarters, and they also happen to love fried chicken. If horrible chicken puns, internet memes, […]