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The Ninja Pack from Indie Royale

It’s that time again for another Lightning Round from Indie Royale! A lightning round is an indie bundle with a short time period to buy, and generally centered around a developer or theme. The pack is only up for 100 hours, and there is no pre-ordering. The Ninja Pack’s theme is obviously ninjas, but that’s […]



Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Plum and I’ll be your tour guide for today. Please keep all fingers, toes, and tongue away from the mouse and keyboard while I guide you through the game that is “Yesterday”. Created by Pendulo Studios, Yesterday is a point-and-click focused on a serious, and even somewhat creepy, mystery […]


Loading…..Not Without You

I can’t resist a game with adorable creatures as the main focus. Not Without You features fuzzy little blue things that make me already look forward to a future plushie based off of them. Their technical name is Hesperides Pilcrus, and they’re actually a curious species that are trying to escape the labs of one […]


Petition to bring new .hack// games to America.

We’ve already been disappointed with the lack of .hack//LINK being released in America for the PSP, though a fan translation is in the works. Recently a new .hack// movie, titled .hack//The Movie, was released along with the statements that a new game is to follow, which we are sure to not see as well. When […]


New on Steam: Waveform

Developed by Eden Industries, Waveform is an action-puzzle based indie game that revolves around riding light waves across the universe, and of course is now available on Steam for your buying pleasures. By controlling the shape of the wave path, you’re able to line it up to collect orbs of light in order to fulfill […]


The Indie Movement: Mountainwheel Games

The amount of interview responses we have gotten has been great! Indie developers have been wonderful in taking time of out making games to answer all of our questions. Mountainwheel Games is the latest studio to provide us answers, and although they have not published an games yet, doesn’t mean their questions are any less […]


Indie Underdog Pack Bundle Now Available

  Six developers have gotten together to give you not only six games already released, but six games in development as well. The purpose of the Indie Underdog Pack is not to donate to charity, but to help developers get the funding they need to make more amazing games. Like a lot of developers, they […]


New on Steam: Wizorb

Quite a few games that were originally found on XBLA are making their way to Steam lately. Wizorb is the latest, and it’s an adventure indie game with the goal of bringing you a classic NES feel. In Wizorb, the once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo is threatened by an evil presence. The only hope for […]


New on Steam: All Zombies Must Die!

All Zombies Must Die! isn’t exactly a new game, but it’s new to Steam this week.The undead have arrived to your computer, and for $7.99 (normally $9.99) you can kill zombies to your hearts content with this predecessor to Burn Zombie Burn! Play by yourself, or with a friend locally, by fighting the zombie outbreak […]


Indie Face Kick Bundle Available For Pre-Ordering

The latest bundle to be announced is ready for you to pre-order, and with a nice discount of 20% off as a bonus. In case you missed what games are going to be in the bundle, here they are again: Sol Survivor Booster Trooper PAM – Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Avencast: Rise of the Mage Dead […]


Double Fine’s 3.3 Million Dollar Adventure

It started with a project on Kickstarter, hoping for $400,000 to fund their next game. What happened next blew not only theirs, but everyone’s minds away. In just eight hours they had received 100% of their funding.  In less than two weeks they were already at the two million dollar mark. Now the project has […]


Trophy Guide: Journey

Journey is a game that you will never forget, and will surely make you want to get all the trophies possible just to have an excuse to play it more. Well here is a guide on to help you do just that! I highly suggest playing the game at least once however before looking at […]


Pre-order Indie Royale’s St. Patrick’s Day Bundle

The gaming leprechauns at Indie Royale have been working hard to bring you the next bundle available for pre-order: The St. Patrick’s Day Bundle.  For a minimum of $3.99 you can blind pre-order this bundle, with the hopes that when it’s released it’s a good deal. Of course, they generally are unless it winds up […]


It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take These Panties.

Guys, even you should pay attention to this one. Yes they’re panties, and you may be thinking that you have no use for them. But c’mon, panties like these make great gifts for your nerdy girlfriend. And ladies don’t you fret, no butt floss is included in these ones. We all have our favorite video […]


Postal Now in the Latest Indie Gala Bundle

The second Indie Gala is still going on, and has been for over a month now. As sales and time increase, the Indie Gala team keeps adding more and more bonuses for us to enjoy and making sure you get your money’s worth. The latest addition to this bundle is the original Postal. No matter […]


Indie Underdog Pack

Another Indie bundle has come into the horizon, though this one aims to be slightly different than others. While most indie bundles are dedicated to donating to charity while buying games at a great price, the purpose of the Indie Underdog Pack (or Indie UP!) is to help the developers get money to go towards […]


Snuggle Truck: First Impressions

[youtube id="q23U9c3HPGc" width="600" height="350"] Snuggle Truck is an indie racing game that involves driving a bunch of stuffed animals to a zoo. I’m not quite sure what kind of zoo wants stuffed animals, but they do! And it’s your job to get them there. The truck can be a pain to control sometimes as a […]


Having the munchies for a new Eets sequel.

Klei Entertainment has already tried one Eets sequel dubbed Eets: Sugar Rush. However that turned out to be a complete failure. The graphics have been changed, the platforms have been changed, even the names eventually changed. They all lead to them having to cancel the project though. Although they just released Shank 2 and are […]


The Indie Movement: Interview with Thomas Grip

Many questions have risen about indie games with all the success the industry has been seeing. What is an indie game, what’s with all the bundles, why does everyone like indie games? We’ve set out to find out the answers to these questions, by asking the indie game developers themselves. Thomas Grip from Frictional Games, […]


New on Steam: Stacking

Double Fine’s game Stacking was originally released on PSN and XBLA, but today it has been released on Steam, and it’s on sale for $9.99. You’ll also get the latest DLC, The Lost Hobo King DLC pack, for free for getting it on PC. Stacking is based on the Russian stacking matryoshka dolls, which are […]