Skullgirls hits PSN on April 10

Skullgirls’ had a previously undetermined PSN release date that has been determined, with the game now set to launch at $14.99 in the Americas on Tuesday, April 10th – one day ahead of the XBLA release. The game’s PSN launch dates in Europe, Australia and New Zealand are unfortunately still a mystery, although Wednesday’s XBLA […]


Nintendo Responds to Claims of the Wii U’s Shortcomings

As you know, Nintendo initially claimed that the Wii U would be up to par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, a recent interview with unnamed developers challenged that claim. It’s a bit of a sticky situation to be in, so of course, NIntendo has tailored a response to the Wii U’s alleged shortcomings. […]


Internet Bytes: Amnesia Milky Way Screams

You’d be lying if you told me you don’t enjoy seeing others completely horrified. Especially when playing a game such as Amnesia. I couldn’t stop laughing during this video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Remember, as always, if you find something you feel would make for a perfect Internet […]


HBO Go on Xbox 360 comes to Comcast customers next week

If you’re a Comcast customer, the arrival of HBO Go on Xbox 360 was little more than a tease. Starting next week you’ll be able to watch HBO content (Such as Game of Thrones!) on your Xbox 360. You’ll need to use your Xfinity login information to gain access once the HBO Go app is […]


CD Projekt RED Group Spring Conference brings a bundle of news from Witcher 2 developers and

Today CD Projekt RED/ held a live stream for their Spring Conference. If you missed out on their live stream, then now you have us to let you know everything you missed! At least, when it comes to news about Witcher/CD Projekt. Here is a quick summary of what we are going to cover, and […]


Majesco Entertainment is bringing you back to the Eighties!

Majesco Entertainment Company is an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, announced that Double Dragon: Neon will be released as a full-scale digital game on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Network this summer. Majesco Entertainment has once again partnered with WayForward, the award-winning team known for bringing […]


The human race has lost 235,000 years to Halo

Bungie has posted their final farewell to Halo fans on It is not surprising seeing as they are not making the series any more (343 Industries appear to be doing a fine job with that). But in typical Bungie fashion, it’s not just a short, sweet, ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’. […]


Harmonix announces downloadable Rock Band

Rock Band house Harmonix has announced their latest effort, and it’s kind of what you’d expect; Rock Band Blitz is a music game, but with no peripherals and playable by traditional controller. Available this summer on both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, the game will make full use of Rock Band‘s vast content library. […]

amalur 2

Kingdoms of Amalur Shows Its Teeth in Its Second DLC Pack

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will receive its second DLC pack, Teeth of Naros, on April 17th. The DLC is set in a new city, Idylla, which is said to be magically floating in the sky above the Teeth of Naros. There players will be able encounter a new race of giants called the Kollossae. Teeth […]


Call of Duty creative strategist Robert ‘FourZeroTwo’ Bowling departs Infinity Ward

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty games, you might already be aware that Robert Bowling decided to step down from his position at Infinity Ward. Robert Bowling was the creative strategist for Call of Duty and lead at Infinity Ward, he announced his resignation via Twitter. But he has yet to […]


Sign up for six months XBL, get Halo Reach, Fable III and more for free

Microsoft has announced a new offer for those signing up to Xbox Live for the first time, giving new users free games when they sign up! Those who sign up for the first time for a minimum of six months at £26.99 will get Halo: Reach, Fable III, Kinect Sports, The Gunstringer and Toy Soldiers […]


Assassin’s Creed 3: ‘We Don’t Want The Brand To Go Fantasy’ – Ubisoft

Have you wondered by Ubisoft decided to opt for the American Revolution setting for Assassin’s Creed 3? Well, now you will get their reasoning and why they think it might inspire gamers to learn more about the period. Assassin’s Creed 3 IP Development Director Tommy François has revealed why Ubisoft chose the American Revolution as […]


Assassin’s Creed 3: Join Or Die, Freedom Collector’s Editions – Details

Ubisoft has confirmed that there will be two bonus-laden collector’s editions of Assassin’s Creed 3, among all of the goodies for grabs via the Freedom Edition, Join or Die Edition and Special Edition are a Connor figurine, in-game missions and multiplayer perks. You can check out details as we break them down, below! Assassin’s Creed […]


The Last of Us Enemy Pictures Released

Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells let loose a tweeted image offering fans an up-close look at one of the fungus-infected enemies in the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us. If you can’t tell from the image… it is a rather funky-looking thing. Where are the eyes? Hopefully we never have to find out… […]


Notch making Elite-inspired space-based trading sim/sandbox title

It looks like Notch has decided which of the three ongoing projects to focus on over the summer. The designer is currently working on a “sandbox space trading sim” similar to 1984 classic Elite, with one key difference. Rather than exclusively piloting a spaceship around space, the player will also be able to explore the […]


X-Legend Entertainment (Spirit Tales Developer) Interview

KoramGame sat down with Spirit Tales developer, X-Legend Entertainment to talk about all things Spirit Tales. From their ideas behind designing certain features, how it’s different from their previous games, and much more! They even picked a few questions from curious members of the Spirit Tales Community to ask them! See what they had to […]


‘Depth’ GDC Trailer

The developers of Depth released a GDC trailer, and needless to say it is actually rather impressive! Depth has been in development for over a year now, and lets just be honest… it is getting more exciting the more that they are leasing! The team behind it are a handful of the guys who worked […]


GameStop Doesn’t want you GameCube

Starting in April, Gamestop will no longer accept trade-ins on GameCube systems, games, or accessories. The retailer had previously suspended trade-ins for the original Xbox back in 2009. Although, GameStop says they will still be accepting trade-ins for PlayStation 2 and PSP. Just for a tid-bit of information GameCube was first released in 2001 and […]


Sine Mora

Before I obtained a review copy of Sine Mora, my excitement had already been built up by various trailers and the devs previous games. So, what did I do when I got my code? I instantly redeemed it, and just waited for those percentages to grow until it was finally at 100% and playable. So, […]

gas guzzlers logoish

Preview: Gas Guzzlers

If you are like me, you find games like Twisted Metal and the Need for Speed series more than entertaining. The racing, the destruction, plus the gorgeous cars, how can it get any better? Well, with Twisted Metal the cars are not really pretty as much as destructive. Either way, I was given the pleasure […]