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Back in 2010 Wemade Entertainment brought the popular South Korean Digimon MMORPG over to America. Unfortunately the free to play micro transaction MMORPG based off the Digimon franchise is now shutting down. Wemade Entertainment sent out the following message in an email to its users The end of the adventure Tamer’s story has now concluded.
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Nordic Games is excited to announce that ‘Zombie Bunker’ the third Painkiller Hell & Damnation DLC developed by The Farm 51 will be released today, Friday 29th March, for PC. The latest addition to the hugely popular demon-slaying shooter sees Daniel Garner forced into the hellish world of the Military. Players need to fight their
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After a bunch of celebrity fan debates and a full two weeks of voting, the winners of the semi finals have been chosen. In the first fight we have the bodily speed of the Flash pitted against the quick witted Batman. Check out below to see which one of these heroes came out on top.
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